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EPOS Domains

Welcome to EPOS Domains.
We specialise in the sale and transfer of high end bespoke Domains
across a wide range of market sectors.

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If you have found our website it is most likely due to a private introduction to our services, or possibly you have been contacted about a potential Domain Sale specific to your business needs.

A Quick Introduction to EPOS Domains

When we say a quick introduction we mean it. We bring quality High End Web Domains to the market. Our introductions to customers are typically by way of personal recommendations.

Within the first email we provide the details of the ‘Domain of Interest’ to the customer, a price is agreed, and we transfer the Domain. That is it. It is what we do, and we do it well.

Website Features

EPOS Domains

At EPOS Domains we like to keep things simple. Our website is not used for promotion of domains. Just a Welcome Page which you are on, a Security Page and a Transfer Page. You can obviously contact us directly using the top-nav or the button below, and we do have a private login page which is invite only.

Welcome Page

You found us, and its a pleasure to be introduced. This page provides a quick overview as to who we are and what we do. And if you have any questions, just ask.

Security Page

A detailed overview of the extra lengths EPOS Domains provide to ensure maximum security throughout the entire process with ourselves. A reassuring read prior to entering negotiations with EPOS.

Transfer Page

We like to think that this page will answer most if not all questions with regards to our procedure in the Transfer of Domains. In any event all processes will be explained fully well in advance.


EPOS Exclusive

EPOS Domains do not list Domains on other marketplaces, and we only advertise For Sale Domains in which we have ownership, or legal authority to sell. This means that in all negotiations you will be effectively dealing with the Domain Owner.

Having direct access to the Domains allows EPOS to provide authentication of ownership. We can configure DNS, nameservers, hosting and email accounts for our Domains Offered, thereby sending Proof of Ownership prior to any level of negotiation.

Privacy Guaranteed

Safe and Secure

Proof of Ownership

The majority of ownership details tends to be redacted these days for security purposes, as such carrying out a simple ‘who.is’ search on the Domain of Interest rarely returns validation. It is for this reason why we go to the additional lengths demonstrating Ownership or Power of Authority at the outset of all our negotiations.