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Transfers with EPOS

Buying a Domain Name

Buying a domain, especially a high priced domain, from either a private seller, or a large company may appear daunting at first glance. This is why we ensure that trust is established from the outset of any negotiation. Additional details are provided on our Security page, regarding NDA’s and proof of ownership.


After this trust has been established negotiations begin.
In this regard we do have access to multi-lingual solicitors, which can be involved in the negotiations if so requested, or possibly at the finale and exchange of terms. We obviously welcome any parties to make use of their own preferred legal advocates.

We are nearly done!

The reality is that this is rarely required. A domain name is after all what it is, and once the price is agreed there is little more discuss.

It’s Transfer Time

The reality is that this is rarely required. A domain name is after all what it is, and once the price is agreed there is little more to discuss.


The Transfer Process Explained

At this stage we then move to the actual exchange of monies and domain, and for this we typically use Escrow.Com, which has secure facilities in place and offers a very reasonable fee for the service offered, particularly with the more lucrative domain names which EPOS Domains brings to the market.

Sale of Domain Agreed

Buyer and EPOS Domains agree terms of sale prior to engaging Escrow.com. It is required that all aspects of the negotiation are signed off prior to the Buyer initiating any transfer of funds.

Escrow.com involvement

We are using Escrow.com here as our preferred transfer agent, however if the client has an alternative agent we are more than willing to consider such a proposal.

The process will follow a similar format, and if required the customer will sign up to Escrow.com and agree to its terms. EPOS Domains has obviously agreed to the same.

Buyer Sends Funds

The Buyer sends funds for the domain purchase to Escrow.Com using the eligible payment method, Escrow.com verifies the payment. Based upon previous negotiations the Escrow.com processing fee will have been considered prior, and will be paid accordingly.

EPOS Notified of Transfer

EPOS Domains are notified that funds have arrived into the account of Escrow.com. These funds are held securely on account. If for whatever reason the Buyer has reason to request return of their funds this is entirely possible at this stage.

EPOS Transfers Domain

Upon payment verification, EPOS Domains is authorized to send the domain to the Buyer. EPOS supplies transfer details to Escrow.com to confirm that the exchange is happening. Tracking information is also provided to the Buyer.

Domain Transfer Completed

After the Buyer has accepted the transfer, and is now the proud owner of their new domain Escrow.com pays EPOS Domains The transaction is now complete – safely and securely!

A Few Final Words

Different Registrars

With regards to sending, tracking and receiving of the domain, the methods vary depending on what ICANN accredited domain name registrars are used.

And How Soon Will My Domain Arrive

If the domain is held in the same registrar as the buyer’s intended account, the process is known as an Account Transfer or Push Transfer. If the registrars are different, this is known as an Authorization Code Transfer or EPP Code Transfer. Account Transfers are quicker, and typically as fast as the transfer is accepted by the Buyer. Authorization Code Transfers are typically completed in 5-7 days.